DottedSign's user story featuring Slasify

DottedSign: Sign Me Up!

eSign tools are quickly becoming a standard practice in the business world, with many citing their ability to save time, printing and operational costs, and trees—all at once! eSign tools make the signing process safer and better suited to your business’s needs—giving you and your team more flexibility. DottedSign, Kdan’s eSign service...

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Dot Your i’s and Cross E-Signatures Off Your Business-Upgrade Wish List

We can’t agree more. It’s time to add pleasure back to business. DottedSign is here. It changes everything. It flies when you’re having fun. It’s the most valuable thing there is, and you never have enough. It’s Time, and we’re here to give you more of it. When your company is closing a deal, maintaining momentum, or churning through...

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4 Advantages of E-Signature Services that Boost Your Productivity and Make Your PDF Contracts More Secure

What’s the best file format for sending important documents? For any experienced professional, this question is a no-brainer: you send important documents as PDFs. Now, what about the best way to send out contracts that require signatures? This answer is a little more complicated. PDF format is still the most secure way to send the document...

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DottedSign at Digimarcon

Introducing DottedSign at Digimarcon 2019

From May 9th to the 10th, our U.S. office attended DigiMarConEast, which was held at the luxurious New York Marriott Marquis. DigiMarCon is the largest digital marketing conference series in the world with over 20 conferences held worldwide. The main objectives for this conference were to introduce the new e-signature service, DottedSign and to...

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