DottedSign at Digimarcon

Introducing DottedSign at Digimarcon 2019

From May 9th to the 10th, our U.S. office attended DigiMarConEast, which was held at the luxurious New York Marriott Marquis. DigiMarCon is the largest digital marketing conference series in the world with over 20 conferences held worldwide. The main objectives for this conference were to introduce the new e-signature service, DottedSign and to...

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Mobile Learning with Kdan Mobile

The Future of Work is Mobile — Here’s Why

When it comes to crystal gazing into the future of work, no topic garners as much attention as remote work. Everyone from politicians to your grandma is in on the conversation. But there’s one important part of the remote work conversation that often gets left out: We’re talking about workplace mobility. We think that’s a shame because even...

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Productivity Tools

15 Best Productivity Tools for Startups

We’re more than familiar with Startup Culture here at Kdan. We were in your same situation just 10 short years ago! Our passion is helping you and your growing team unleash your creativity while maximizing productivity. We’re sharing our picks for the top-15 kinds of tools your business can use to build, grow, and flourish. RELIABLE CLOUD...

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