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It’s no secret that eSign is becoming more prevalent in the modern business world – especially as professionals continue to look for ways to navigate the remote environments they’ve found themselves in during the COVID pandemic. While the modern business person has gotten comfortable signing electronically, some teams are discovering the added benefit of adapting an e signature solution at the enterprise level.

Team-wide use of an eSign service translates into easier management of progress, enhanced productivity, and a more coherent brand image. DottedSign’s Business Plan helps small-mid-sized businesses to sign PDF documents online! We have a user story from our client USPACE, a successful shared car parking service provider, and how DottedSign Business can level up their signing experience as a team.

Effectively Manage Your Team’s Ongoing Projects

Each time a connection is made, USPACE needs to execute the legally binding contract between renter and provider, so the deal can happen. Digitizing the signing process is a smart move; however when it comes to managing multiple individual accounts sending contracts to sign, it can be quite challenging for managers at times.  DottedSign’s admin console lets the admin better manage the high-level view of each team member’s current contracts and the signing status of the deal in one place. The added convenience for managers being visually tracking everyone’s progress at once saves time and energy that can be put towards prospecting new leads.

Overview of admin console

Image: Overview of the Admin Console

Work More Efficiently with Reusable Templates

For USPACE, or any company whose contract workload scales as the business grows, the last thing you want is to lose momentum having to recreate the same contract each time you close a new deal. USPACE, for example, needs certain information, an I.D., date, and signature for each contract. It’s tedious and repetitive, which is not an effective use of anyone’s time to set these fields for every client.

Contract signing process before using DottedSign Contract signing process before vs. after using DottedSign

Images: Contract signing process before vs. after using DottedSign

DottedSign’s Business Plan includes templates that, once you assign signature and/or other fields on a document, can be easily duplicated each time you or a colleague needs a signature. You can also request an unlimited number of supporting attachments from your signer(s). You’ll only be responsible for adding the new signers’ names and emails, and the service automates the rest.

Create reusable templates

Image: Create and manage reusable templates

Control Your Brand’s Image

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind,” as Walter Landor famously stated. Imagine you’ve just agreed to rent a parking space next month thanks to USPACE and are waiting on a contract in your email. Whose name are you expecting? Naturally, you’re on the lookout USPACE.

Take control of your brand through DottedSign Business and customize both the name that appears on the email and logo on the signature task in the admin console. This reinforces your brand through repetition whenever you or a team member sends a contract to a client.

Start Saving Time & Taking Control with a 14-Day Trial

If you’re a company that’s either experienced with electronic signatures and looking a leg up, or are still in the process of migrating more of your operations online to suit the new post-COVID world, you can try DottedSign’s Business Plan free for 14 days and start optimizing your workflow.

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