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Kdan Mobile Partners with Sourcenext to Enter Japan’s Largest Mobile App Market

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Business, News and Events

Imagine being able to use your favorite apps, just like you binge-watch your favorite movies and shows on Netflix…paying for one monthly membership and getting unlimited access!

In Japan, that’s exactly how it works!

We’ve just partnered with Sourcenext, the largest independent consumer software provider in Japan, to get PDF Reader for Android included in App Pass by Softbank. Our goal is to continue to help users everywhere maximize their productivity!

“The collaboration with Sourcenext brings us closer to the Japanese market,” explains Kenny Su, Kdan Mobile’s CEO and founder. “Our solutions have been recognized widely in the West, and this partnership helps introduce us to new users in Asia.”

Sourcenext works with other software providers like Rosetta Stone and Evernote to serve useful applications to mobile carriers in Japan. The new partnership with Sourcenext includes a limited edition of PDF Reader that will be available through SoftBank’s App Pass, a service that allows subscribers to access popular apps from various genres, like gaming, entertainment or business, for a monthly fee of 370 yen* ($3.38 USD). This limited edition of PDF Reader allows App Pass members to view files, perform basic edits and convert photos taken with their camera to PDF format.

Japanese PDF Reader in app store

We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities, like working with Sourcenext, that help us keep you and your team productive! This partnership reflects two of our main goals: reaching new users around the globe and partnering with companies that help deliver an enhanced user experience.

If you’d like to try PDF Reader, visit our website.

If you’re already a user of PDF Reader and want to find a new way to continually optimize your workflow, be sure to check out our newly-released e-signature tool, DottedSign!

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