Secure Your E-signature with Digital Certificates Using DottedSign

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Business

We aren’t strangers at this point to having to work remotely and complete tasks outside of the traditional office setting. This “new normal” work environment does, however, raise questions about security when signing contracts, purchase orders, and the like. DottedSign makes the process airtight thanks to its inclusion of a digital identity certificate on any contract signed through the service.

What is a Digital Identity Certificate?

A digital identity certificate is a digital marker that shows the signing process took place under a safe and trusted environment. For this certificate to appear on a signed document, no changes can be made to the language after the various parties sign – thus ensuring that the terms included stay fixed. The certificate is also used to confirm the identity of the person or the name of an organization. Digital certificates must be issued by a trusted authority who also acts as the guarantor, the Certificate Authority (CA).

DottedSign’s digital certificates are added thanks to a partnership with a certified member of Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) in Taiwan. AATL is the world’s largest trust service for electronic documents. The AATL certification ensures identity authentication and signature validation to all documents electronically signed with DottedSign. This adds a layer of security in the signing process under a safe and trusted environment and further protects DottedSign users from things like forgery or malicious use.

If you’re curious about how the digital certificate has been applied, you can download the completed document from DottedSign and open in Adobe – where you’ll find a green “tick” indicating that the signatures are valid.

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Our team is committed to helping companies around the world operate efficiently while staying safe during these uncertain times. We’re proud of the fact that DottedSign usage has increased 300% since the start of lockdowns – meaning workers are appreciative of a solution that lets them sign documents from the safety of their homes. As our CEO and founder, Kenny Su, puts it, “In order to maintain social distance while remaining productive, these companies need to be able to trust that contracts they’re getting signed are safe, secure, and enforceable. DottedSign provides this peace of mind.”

DottedSign is universally accessible via web and on mobile devices. If you are part of a team that’s looking for an eSign service, DottedSign Business puts you in control of how your company brand is represented on each signing request and lets you oversee your team’s entire workflow. Start with a 14-day free trial today to try it out!

Secure Your E-signature with Digital Certificates Using DottedSign

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